Dinner Party Games

Perhaps the best way to guarantee your guests are entertained when hosting a dinner or function is to provide some dinner party games to lighten the mood and bring a smile to the faces of your guests. Instead of a boring meal that is quickly forgotten, dinner party games can do more than even the dinner party menu to make a great impression. There is nothing childish about enjoying yourself with games, so here are some popular dinner party games to include at your next dinner party:

Slip It In: This game goes my many names, but it is one of the most fun and simple dinner party games out there. When each guests arrives, hand them an index card with a silly or slightly abnormal phrase written on it. Their goal is to use the phrase in conversation over the course of the evening, without anyone guessing that it is a game phrase. Funny example can include “I went skydiving last year,” or “I never imagined I would try ballet lessons”. Really, anything can be used, so tailor the phrases to your crowd.

Ask Me About: Before the dinner party, create name tags that say “Ask me about…” followed by several interesting subjects, like: work, my wife, my kids, my first kiss, or anything else you can think of. Let guests choose one when they arrive. When they begin talking to one another, they can have a fun introduction rather than chatting over the weather.

Who Am I: As far as dinner party games go, this may be the most common, but for good reason. As each guest arrives, tape the name of a famous celebrity or historical figure on their backs. As they mingle before dinner, they should ask each other questions about who is written on their back. Chat to as many people as possible in order to find out who it is. As you eat dinner, go around the table and have each person guess who they had, and reveal the answer in front of the group.

With these fun suggestions for dinner party games, no function need ever be boring again!

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