Dinner Party Menu

Dinner Party Menu

Dinner Party Menu

Creating a dinner party menu is not always a simple task. Between asking guests if they have any dietary restrictions to preparing the actual meal, there is a lot to organize before the actual dinner party. Even if you have fun dinner party ideas and dinner party games planned, the backbone of the party will be the dinner itself. By using these unique and creative tips to creating a dinner party menu, you should be able to impress your guests without blowing your budget or spending days preparing.

Ask the Guests: A common complaint among those who throw dinner parties is that they are never sure what guests will like to eat. The easiest solution to this? Ask them! With the invitation, request that they specify which foods they can’t or won’t eat, whether that’s red meat or spicy meals. This way, you can compare everyone’s requests to create a menu that won’t leave anyone creating a meal from the bread basket.

Use Online Resources: A great benefit of the internet is that there are several websites that offer recipe advice based on the ingredients you want to use. So if you have determined that the meal should contain chicken and potatoes, you can input those ingredients and come up with something more unique.

Prepare In Advance: As a dinner party host, you won’t want to spend your evening cooped up in the kitchen. So create a dinner party menu that allows flexibility. Prepare cold appetizers like bruschetta or crudites well in advance, and make desserts that can be simply baked at the last minute, such as miniature personalized pies, or a completely baked pie that needs only to be warmed up before serving. This way, only the entree will need to be made in advance, making the evening easier on the host and cook.

Ask for Help: There is no rule that a dinner party needs to be organized, prepared and served by one person. Ask guests to help you set the table, bring in dishes or even serve up entrees. Most guests are happy to be included, and will give you a chance to socialize as you prepare the meal.

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